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Meet Our CEO – Nalo Zidan

Nalo (nah-low) A. K. Zidan (all pronouns) is a Queer Black writer, organizer and designer whose work pushes at the normative boundaries of gender and sexuality in Black experiences. The independent Black Masculinities scholar is the Founder and Creative Director of BlackGirlMasculine, a nonprofit organization and media space for Queer, Black masculine-identified women, Trans and Non-Binary people. Born in Maryland and raised between New York and D.C., Nalo was determined to use their East Coast influence to design clothing without the limitations of gender. That’s how YAZI was born.


I want to focus more on how to be in right relationship with bodies rather than sending someone to the “wrong section” to buy clothing. As a more masculine person, I’ve always hated the feeling of being in a “Men’s section”, when men aren’t the only ones wearing these clothes. We all wear whatever we like anyway, so I don’t believe clothing needs to be gendered to support being confident in our own sense of style.


Nalo’s journey to focus more on accessibility for bodies is rooted in a vision that gendered clothing will someday be obsolete. Through integrity and community building, Nalo believes YAZI Clothing Co. could be the start to a whole new genre of clothing design, opening up more possibilities for what freedom could look like in fashion.

“The quality of the fabric is so soft and natural. You can tell how unique each piece is and that makes every item she sells even more special.”

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